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Shouldn’t be too bad’ if my Twitter account is hacked: Donald Trump

For US President Donald Trump, it “should not be too bad” if someone hacks his Twitter account that has 63.8 million followers.

Reacting after hackers broke into Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account last week and posted a flurry of rogue tweets including racial slurs, Trump told reporters he is not worried if his Twitter account @realDonaldTrump is compromised.

“Well, I hope they are not hacking my account, but actually, if they do, they are not going to learn too much more than what I put out, right? Shouldn’t be too bad,” trump told a reporter when asked if he is worried that his Twitter account could also be hacked.

In 2017, Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated for 11-minute by a disgruntled Twitter customer service worker on his last day at work.

In 2013, his Twitter account was hacked and the hackers tweeted a lyric from Lil’ Wayne’s verse in the Will.I.Am song, “Scream and Shout.”

Trump later tweeted that “My Twitter has been seriously hacked and we are looking for the perpetrators.”

On August 31, by taking control of Dorsey’s number, hackers posted tweets via text messages on his Twitter account.

The micro-blogging platform later said that it secured Dorsey’s account which became victim of ‘SIM swapping’ or ‘SIM jacking’ where a mobile number is transferred to a new SIM card.

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