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Arif saleem Bohru (Badshah Khan) first professional wrestler from Jammu and Kashmir

The skill is not an attachment to any caste or religion. I will prove myself to the country and to my parents. Whatever happens, I have to fulfill my dream of becoming the world’s top pro-wrestler – Wrestler Badshah Khan
Diamonds are filled with particles of nature, all they need is to be polished. All kinds of people live in our society and all are recognized by their work. They do not have to tell, but their skills speak for themselves. Fine metal – just like gold, whose brightness is known by its quality. Today we are going to meet you with a personality who has started making a different identity in the world of wrestling. His name is Arif Saleem. Bohru alias Badshah Khan. Like his name, he is also the king of pro-wrestling. His vision is clear about his future and for that he has made himself like Kundan by taping. Whoever looks at their body designs keeps looking at them again and again. His name comes in the top 5 pro-wrestlers of India and he is the first wrestler to come from Jammu and Kashmir. Our colleague Mr. Surendra Saini Bawaniwal from talked to him about him, his family and his plans for life to come and tried to get to know him closely. So here are some excerpts from the interlocutionary conversation with Badshah khan
Badshah ji told about himself that his real name is Arif Saleem Bohru, but after coming to wrestling, he has come to be known as Badshah Khan. He was born on 20 May 1998 in Neel village of Ramban district of Jammu. He has a small family.
His father – Mohammad Saleem Bohru
(Serves as Sub-INSPECTOR in C.R.P.F)
His mother – Jana Begum (housewife)
His younger brother – Aftab Saleem Bohru
(12th class is studying in 2nd semester)
His younger sister – Novreena Saleem Bohru
(Studying in 8th grade)
Badshah ji has studied upto 10 + 2 (H.S.S School in Arts-Science from Neel, Jammu). He had English, Urdu, Political Science, Mathematics and Sociology in the subjects of reading) He used to have a lot of interest in his studies too. He earned 75% numbers.
He was also fond of playing cricket as well as body building was going on and earning his name for his country India in wrestling is his first passion and last dream. In order to fulfill this dream, the King is still working hard. Today, cricket has become only a free time game for him.
Body composition of emperor
Age – 23 years
Height – 6 feet 2 inches
Chest – 48 Inches
Bicep (arm) – 18 inches
Weight – 105 kg
It is a very big thing that his pro-wrestling training is going on in the world famous wrestler – The Great Khali’s Wrestling Academy (Jalandhar). His trial was taken twice before then and he was able to get admission in Khaliji’s academy. King himself never thought that he would get such a platform. But the hard work they have done, they are also proud of themselves today. Every day there is a six-hour pro-wrestling class in Khali Ji’s Academy (Jalandhar), then he works out in the gym for two hours and exercises cardio in the morning for one hour. Badshah ji has also won the belt of World Heavy Weight Championship.
Badshah ji is going to debut in WWE-World Wrestling Entertainment but he has not received any monetary support or sponsorship from any place yet. Everyone knows that Pro-Wrestling is an independent sport and other sports in this field too. It costs a lot like Badshah ji is spending all the training expenses till date from his home. Due to weak economic condition, many boys of Badshah’s village and neighborhood could not come in this area. However, the Great Khali’s academy is training about 100 boys from different states and regions. Badshah ji feels that if the government pays some attention to this, then their struggle can be reduced to a great extent. Every player does not play only for himself but plays for his country but people who promote him are not found, but every one to fall down Someone is ready. Some people get fed up with the situation. Badshah feels that just like the Haryana government encourages the players of its state, similarly the government of Jammu and Kashmir should also encourage players like us. Badshah ji has won many competitions at the district and state level for which he has received many prizes and citation. The little money is spent by the emperor in his prize money. But now there is no competition for three months due to lockdown. Regarding diet, Badshah ji said that they eat non-spicy food, boiled chicken, eggs, soups, fruits (fruits) and other foods with protein. They ignore any type of greasy foods and sweet foods because they have the most adverse effects on the body. There is a restaurant outside their academy where all the training wrestlers eat food. Every item of the diet is available according to their need there. Badshah ji is able to go to his family only once or twice a year for two-four days due to his busy training. But family members talk on the phone. But Badshah ji believes that a lot has to be lost in order to get something. The rest of his comrades only think they have to go to WWE after completing their training but Badshah ji says that he has to become the world’s top pro-wrestler. He never gave up in life. His dream does not let him sleep . There is a wrestling-ring where Badshah ji is training, there is a wrestling show every Saturday and some best wrestler comes there as the chief guest. The happiest moment in the life of Badshah ji was when Krish Master, a famous wrestler of the world, came as the chief guest at a wrestling event at his Jalandhar Academy. Krish Master ji praised him in front of about 80 performers and said that he has become very impressed with the king’s fight and the king can go even further by his hard work. Badshah told that the wrestler inside and outside the ring Its nature is different. In the world of the outdoors, every wrestler has a very cool mind.The king does not like to be away from his family like the rest of the people, but to achieve his goal of life, he has to use it all the time. He sees nothing but his dreams. As Arjun was only seen with the eye of a fish. King Shah tells that he never cheated himself and always kept learning with his honesty. Many people cheat, go to the club in disco thek, drink wine and party. But I never did that.
I am convinced that the hard work never goes away. From school time itself, Badshah ji started watching wrestling on TV and from there his interest started waking up. Even the journey has been very complicated for him but the determination he made They will definitely achieve one day. They have seen that there is no one to promote talent in their society, but there are many people who pull the legs. While a boy will illuminate the name of his village and his area.
Badshah Khan Ji has seen several shootings in his area in his childhood. At such a time, his mother and other parents used to hide all the children. His father is in CRPF, so he never felt scared. Now that he has grown up, the householders also think that in such a situation we will work wisely. There was a lot of stone-pelting when it was 370, many times people were also hurt. Very high curfews were being imposed.
Badshah ji is requesting the Government of Jammu and Kashmir that if any kind of help can be made for them, their struggle will be reduced and they will show the name of the country by raising the name of the country by becoming the number one wrestler of the world. Wanna wave Badshah Ji’s message to the public is to promote wrestling like other sports and cooperate. So that new people can come in this area too.

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