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Shah Rukh Khan denies Money Heist remake, says will ‘make same mistakes I have made in the last few years’

Clarifying once again that he has not signed any project yet, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has said that he wants to do an action film. Speaking with Rajeev Masand in an interview, Shah Rukh said, “I don’t even have a film, I was doing one but it fell out. Normally, I have my next film lined up while am doing one. This time I don’t have any film. I have not signed any film yet but I have been hearing a lot of stories, not just for me but for production as well. I don’t know….I want to do an action film, I want to do a fun film.” The Zero star was speaking on the sidelines of Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. “

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Last seen in Aanand L Rai’s Zero, which failed at the box office, Shah Rukh has not announced any film in past eight months. Asked if the break has taught him how to take things forward, he said, “I think I am going to make the same mistakes I have made in the last few years. It’s not going to teach me anything different, won’t give me any perspective. If I got perspective if I was able to differentiate between good and bad, if I could somewhere realise what I actually should be doing to get it right, I think it will get so boring. It will be like a trope, nonsense.”

“I am just happy I have time to come to Melbourne, I am not holidaying, I am working. I am working on the production,” he added. He also said that he is not too comfortable attending film festivals. “I have always avoided festivals. I am the last person to be at festivals. I don’t make this kind of cinema, I don’t know what we are supposed to do, giving my two bits about cinema, I find it awkward.”

He also called himself the most restlessly peaceful man in the world. “I have an amazing personality that only a few people know. I am extremely active or I can be completely dormant. I don’t have a window-shopping spree in me. I don’t do the midsection. I am genuinely an extremist. People don’t know that I can be in my shorts with my hair standing just lying down in one place. I don’t want to do. I think there are very few people in this world who are so restlessly peaceful as I am. I’m the most restlessly peaceful man in the world. My energy will never make you uncomfortable, it will just make you happy.”

Shah Rukh refuted reports that his production company is making a Hindi remake of Netflix’s Spanish series, Money Hesit. He also said he is open to doing a film or series for Netflix. “Nothing’s been offered to me but I am a television actor. To me, platforms don’t matter.”

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