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One thought is strong enough to change life…..

Mind, World and you…

One thought is strong enough to change life…..


A mind is the most powerful thing in the world. How can we say that? It is a part of our brain which thinks and creates thought and remembers them. It can be the second name of the brain. Like brain has control over our body, it has the power to control and generate hope in every cell of the body. Everybody’s mind is unique in its own kind.

Today, the population of the world has grown to 7.7 billion. Out of these 7.7 billion, each and every person is blessed with a unique calibre. There is a big difference between what defines a winner and a loser when it comes to the capacity of mind. It is strong enough to take a person from nothing to top and also it is dangerous enough to bring back a person to the bottom. A mind is your greatest power. If you have full control over your mind and have the right mindset, there is no power in the whole universe that will stop you from achieving what you want to achieve. But, if the same mind is corrupted, it starts controlling you instead of being under your control. Thus, it can become your greatest enemy in the world. It all starts with a single thought in our brain. The way we think now the same way we become the next second.

One thought is strong enough to change the life of one person. Although it’s not possible to change the world in one second, it’s possible to change the world, the way one perceives it by creating one single thought. It also depends on what kind of thought we create. If one broken man, who had lost everything in his life creates one powerful and right thought, nothing is impossible for him. See, how simple is it to change the world for yourself.  We all are beautiful creatures, but the difference arises when it comes to our emotions.

A human with a corrupted mind is more dangerous and destructive than a ferocious bull. One’s mind is always wavering and it always grasps whatever is happening around. Nowadays our mind is highly affected by the content presented to us at social media. It is affecting our genius brains and corrupting them very badly. The most precious time that one should spend living his life to the fullest is being wasted on watching social media content. A mind is the most powerful thing human is blessed with. Even if one out of 7.7 billion of the population decides to change the world, he/she can do it and bring a revolution. But if a corrupted person comes and thinks of destroying the world, it’s going to take less than 24 hours to destroy and crush everything vigorously. See how dangerous and powerful one’s thought process is.

When you make a thought, you start feeling the way you think, then you do the same action. Ultimately, that action of yours will become your habit and that habit will become your attitude. On the other hand, if the thought you created was right, you are then ready to bring the revolution.


Dipinder Kaur Sidhu
Youngest motivational speaker of the country
(Certified by Universal litrary oracle)

The views expressed are her personal.

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